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We understand last minute changes happen. You can easily make changes the same day and still issue payment on time or the next day.


Payroll is a large expense. Our rates are competitive, flexible and scalable. Only pay for what you use, base on the number of employees per pay period.

More Cash

Valuable time will no longer be spent on payroll. Effortlessly pay your team on time  and remains compliance with federal and state.

You're the expert at running your business, Let us run payroll

the Payroll to us

Deduction and Garnishments

All the taxes will be deducted and paid plus  any benefits you offer. We take care of the required wage withhold medical Insurance, Supplemental Insurance, 401(k) Retirement Plans and garnishments Orders so that you stay compliant with Federal and State laws.

Payroll Funds Debited

Every penny counts and managing the daily cash flow and cheques are issued the same day. Money will be in your account to cover other bills until pay day. Money will be drafted when employees are paid or direct deposit drafted unlike other payroll companies that withdraw your money 4 days before payday.  Cash flow can be tough to manage, and your payroll company shouldn’t make it harder than it needs to be.

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Paydays are a Breeze

Getting employees and contractors paid whether by Direct Deposit, cutting them cheque or issue a paycard. Just approve the hours and rate and you are good to go.

Taxes Paid Timely

Your employment taxes will be calculate, filed and paid to state and federal department saving you time and money. – with tax filing guaranteed


Our new hire on-boarding guarantees a check mark in the box, so no one is left behind. We’ll automatically send all the required forms such as I-9s and W-4s to the state and IRS for you.

These services come automatically with us, no more nickel and Dime

W-2s and 1099s

Direct Deposit

Workers’ Comp Administration

Automatically Pay Taxes 

Bonus Payrolls

Expedited Payrolls

Tax form amendments 


Employee Time Tracking

Employee Time Tracking System

Ok! we get it, no everyone like unnecessary changes. We make it easy for you to integrate your current accounting and employee time-tracking software with our payroll system. If you don’t have a time tracking system in place, then we can get you started with one.  Everything will all be in synchrony; no screws will be left unturned.

Thats it! your team get paid
and you didn't lift a finger

Let us handle payroll. On pay day, your payroll is processed without a hitch, their salaries calculated and hourly employees, contractors data are imported.

Payroll Made Easy

When we handle your payroll coupled with your accountings need, all are done in-house under one roof. The convenience of paying your employees on time and even last minute adjustment can be done the same day at no extra cost. 


Forgot to pay the new guy or the contractor, we will get them paid; no need for expensive overnight delivery or waiting until next pay period to get your people paid.No matter how your team is structured, Pegasus payroll makes it easy to pay any combination of hourly and salaried employees, and contractors

Payroll made easy

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