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No more number crunching. Let us give you peace of mind and a crystal clear picture of your finance.

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Affordable savings

Our rates are affordable, at a fraction of the cost for an in-house bookkeeper, we will get you up to speed and operating efficiently.


Pegasus bookkeeping/ payroll Partners

A team of dependable bookkeepers to guide and grow with you, as your business flourishes to the next level.

Remote Access

Pegasus bookkeeping/ payroll Networking

Your team behind the scenes, securely download and reconcile bank accounts, remotely view profit and loss, reports and income statements.

No Insomnia over Spreadsheet.
get it? "Spreadsheet"

Manage Your Financial

No matter the stage of your business, an up-to-date and organized business is like a well-oiled machine. Managing the financial resources with proper documentation of accounts payables, receivables, and other miscellaneous data will grow your business faster.
Leave the spreadsheets to us, rest well knowing we have your back and the back office and keep running the business.

Reasons Our Clients Choose us

  • Their part time bookkeepers are overwhelm because of the grown
  • DIY is just not working out.
  • Someone is cooking the books and have been become victims of bookkeeping fraud or theft.
  • Not having efficient processes and procedures in place
  • The lack standard accounting practices.
  • Their bookkeeping practices is working against them, what worked last year is not working today.
  • They need full charge bookkeeping services with CPA’s eyes for inconspicuous details.
  • Being overcharged and under delivered by their prior bookkeeper.
  • Paid too much in taxes or fail an audit.

Stress Free Is The Way To Be

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Reasonably priced accounting and bookkeeping services designed for helping companies thrive.
  • Able to shift focus to more innovative ideas and areas of concern that will grow the business, leaving the bookkeeping to seasoned professionals.
  • Reducing peak season overtime cost; accountants and tax preparers charge more when books are unorganized.
  • Have partners and a team of bookkeepers/accountants that meticulously check data entry to ensure accuracy.
  • Expertise from a team of experienced and skillful professionals that comprehends and utilizes the best practices.
  • No expenses associated with in house bookkeeper such as employment taxes, sick days, vacations, training and call offs. 
  • Outsourcing will allow you to increase your profit margin by focus on new clients.
  • Even more in the budget to hire another help to increase productivity.
Dedicated Bookkeeper

Dedicated Bookkeeper

There will be a dedicated team of bookkeepers assigned to manage your account, and should you call with questions there won’t be long call queues to speak with someone. We not only use the latest intuitive software to monitor your financials and provide dependable service. But our knowledgeable team of bookkeepers are well versed to maintain your account and understand the unique structure of your business and get the job done.

More Time and Accurate Projections

We customized the services tailored to your business freeing up more time by handling the books so you can focus on profits. You’ll get regular financial reports that accurately project your status and keeps you informed of your operations. If your behind or overwhelmed, we’ll get you caught up in half the time and keep you current, moving forward.

Tax Season Ready with Smooth Transition

Pre-tax season checkups in November and December, reviewing documents assuring Year-end report will be ready for tax preparation. No more scavenger hunt to find months old documents. You will have a smooth tax season when your records are housed in one place, plus accountants and bookkeepers that are familiar with your files and able to show reports and projections of the business; with guidance throughout the year to take advantage of credits and deductions that may be available.

Tax Compliant

A smooth tax preparation process and remaining in compliance begins with meticulous record keeping, especially with the financial records. Data entries are done accurately by classifying and recording all monetary transactions, will ensure compliance. We make sure your tax return, stating income and deductions are submitted in a timely manner and paying assessed taxes by the due dates to avoid unnecessary fees and penalties.

Tax Preparation smooth Pegasus bookkeeping/ payroll

Books all Messed up

Frustrated is an understatement when you are losing precious hours at night not sleeping and irreplaceable time from family all because your books are out of whack. 

Many business owners tangles and weaves themselves into a web of financial distress and often needs help cleaning things up.  We will review your books to identify the issues then determine the best course of action.  Should you decide you like us and retain our service.  We will continue to organize your data, resolve the problems then balance your books. Simplifying the data and accounting in exactly the way needed for your business.  Making it easier to use and more flexible than ever.

Let us dive into your books and make sure everything is in order, I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

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Organized Ledgers are a Thing

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What Our Custumers say

head shot

Our Business financial has never been better. The team at Pegasus truly cares about our business and they made sure we are doing the things needed to make our customer life better. Tax season has never been so easy, they handle it all, no more meeting without accountant for 2-3 hours and ve managed to stay with FitFlex 3 times a week, for over 6 months now, and I owe it all to the them.

Tonya Thomas

Pegasus Bookkeeping/ payroll happy customer

We have been with Pegasus for 2 years. They did everything thy say. Show us projection of the business and we were able to adjust during slow times and still made a profit. kept us from faltering Our payroll has been a breeze, easy process and delivered on time even the last minute changes. I see a huge benefit since partnering with their service.

Zack, Boost Mobile